I am delighted to offer some special services to smaller-companies who meet any one or more of the following criteria:

  • ¬†They are young, but are emerging from being developmental-stage enterprises and going into full bore production;
  • They are owned by minorities (MBEs);
  • They are owned by women (WBE’s);
  • They are Disadvantaged Enterprises (DSEs);
  • They are owned by U.S. veteran returnees.

We provide the following services for these businesses, if they meet the above criteria, are fundamentally sound in their operating plans and show a growth curve with a strong vertical potential:

1) Capitalization and financing for continued operations and growth;

2) Deeply-discounted, hands-on management consulting and advisory services;

3) Opportunities to import, export supply chain source and joint venture with other companies all throughout the world.

Simply fill out the form below as completely in as much detail as you can, and please allow me, or the appropriate staff member up to three business days to respond to your inquiry.

Note: The more information that you provide, the more we can help you. We might even introduce you to some possibilities that you’d never even thought of as being possible!


Fill out this form, please: online form.

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