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Douglas E. Castle: Career Summary

In brief, Mr. Castle has invested the bulk of his career either in cultivating and building new businesses, or in “fixing” established, but “broken” ones with serious problems.

You may download an extensive and comprehensive C.V. for Mr. Castle by clicking on the link below:

Mr. Castle has been a senior level strategic consultant, advisor, and director to a large number of companies across a very diverse group of industries. He has spent in excess of thirty years working with small to medium-sized businesses and Not-For-Profit organizations [both domestic and multinational] performing responsibilities from counseling start ups and high-growth profile companies (on one end of the spectrum) to dealing with well-established businesses which had developed problems which threatened either 1) their market positions (due to stagnation, technological displacement, using profitable product lines to subsidize losers, and the like) or 2) their very economic survival, with insolvency, bankruptcy, fractionalization, dissolution and the incident legal and judicial expenses and  proceedings in their immediate future.

Mr. Castle deals with with all parties necessary, often as a representative but unemotional negotiator and as limited agent for either senior management, the board of directors or for recalcitrant groups of controlling shareholders.

While he has dealt with companies in Chapter 11, or in “debtor in possession” or “trustee in possession” status, Mr. Castle’s philosophy is to intervene early and to identify and address the most critical issues before legal and judicial proceedings decimate what may be left of a potentially viable company, if possible. Many of these damaged companies are in need of course correction, re-engineering and no-nonsense implementation to put them back into the black.

Note: Most Chapter 11 entities wind up continuing to decay and slipping into Chapter 7 (liquidation), simply because they did not have any guidance, or a realistic plan for changing those very practices and policies that injured them in the first place. Some companies appear doomed because there is a contentious successor-related issue needing to be resolved, but the best negotiating intermediaries are non-relatives with the advantage of objectivity, both real and perceived. Some solutions are relatively simple, but are elusive to the emotionally-invested engagement principal — they may be as direct as horizontal integrations ( business combinations with competitors) or vertical integrations (combinations with either vendors or distributors). Mr. Castle combines objectivity with experience and a vast knowledge of potential solutions.

In his role as a turnaround and workout expert, Mr. Castle has negotiated with creditors (secured and unsecured, lenders and vendors), investors, employees, major clients, new capital sources, prospective joint venture partners, possible acquirors and other key parties. He treats every engagement with the utmost confidentiality, and follows the shortest realistic critical path to create solutions which are not merely bandages — but solutions that are meant to yield lasting and growing improvements. He thrives on the creativity involved in business problem-solving, as well as on organizing safeguards to prevent possible problems in a threat assessment.

You can find out much more regarding Douglas E. Castle‘s professional background at, or at

Again: you may download a comprehensive C.V. for Mr. Castle by clicking on the link below:

Mr. Castle receives substantially all of his engagements from referrals through known and trusted third parties, but he can be contacted by going to .

His Twitter Site is located at









Most recently (in 2013), he received this exciting certificate of recognition relating to 2012 regarding his “popularity” from the Great Deciders at LinkedIn:










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Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Knights Of Malta


Kt. M, O.S.J.

First Grade Penmanship Award! – The Day Douglas E. Castle Became A Writer.

First Grade Penmanship Award

NOTE: Douglas E. Castle — “It must have taken me an hour to complete this. I was sweating from every pore of my pallid, anemic-looking little-boy body though the grueling scrawling process. Ms. Myers actually put it in a frame for me. I hope that it’s not too late to say ‘thank you.’ “*****



Temptation has lured other men into conformity and complacency. No thanks, Ma’am. I won’t be seduced by your siren’s song. I cannot be bought…then again, if your currency is backed by gold…we could possibly meet for coffee…


A sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek tribute to FACEBOOK, its many addicted fans, and to Mark Zuckerberg, of whom the writer is actually quite envious, from Douglas E. Castle of the Sacral Order Of “I’ll Speak Ill Of All That I Secretly Envy” to anyone who has scrolled this far:

Embrace pop-culture mediocrity, mindlessness, superficiality and unprecedented, accelerating social decay. Join in the triumphant chorus of vapid, insipid, staccato personal status reports about such historically noteworthy paradigm shifts and breakthrough insights such as ‘what I ate for dinner…’ and ‘here’s a great photo of Jim Jr. riding his brand new pony!’

Who really wants to waste valuable time exploring the unfathomable vastness or celebrating the beauty of the soul’s written expression (i.e., prose and poetry – ecch!), original thought (i.e., philosophy is, like, so, like, boring – P.U.!) meaningful dialogue (what type of unambitious knucklehead has time for a discussion with somebody?!!) and spirited debate (why argue about anything anyway when it’s politically incorrect to judge anything?!! – Besides, it’s safer just to do as you’re told – Obedience is a virtue that can earn you a treat!).

You simply have got to get your very own, personal FACEBOOK Update Badge, just like mine! They are absolutely free, but are well worth many times this price.

Facebook: Why go through the trouble and wasted time of ‘befriending’ an individual, when you can so effortlessly just ‘friend” anyone, from pawnbrokers to predators?!!

Facebook: Think of the groups you can join – groups such as One Million People Who Would Like To Eradicate Something Or Somebody’.

– Douglas E. Castle



And In 2013, I awarded myself (as nobody else would award it to me) this nifty little “award” thing from Harvard University, which I only attended (for a weekend) once to visit a friend and to experience the charge of brilliance, bright futures and incredible connections that fill and virtually electrify the air, not unlike ozone prior to an imminent thunderstorm:

Please hold your applause ladies and gentlemen. No need to leave your seats, unless a biological exigency emerges which requires executive action (i.e. you have to run to the restroom). Thank you for enduring this.
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