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A perfect supplement to The Taking Command Blog by Douglas E. Castle.


A newspaper filled with information regarding every aspect of creating,
designing, search engine optimizing, unique content creation and
monetization of your Blogger or WordPress blog.

Marketing, Promotion & Media News

News, commentaries, trends, predictions, tips, tools and other resources
about marketing and promotion across the full spectrum of media. Amen!.

Uncle DAZZ Extra

The companion to the RadioDAZZ Blog, which provides workbreaks, memories and magic to so many people who need the miraculous healing power of music.

The Liberated Mind – /| To |/

News and commentary about nootropics, cognitive expansion, altered perception,transcendence experiences, transhumanism, AI, longevity, enhanced health and boundlessness. Everyone – subscribe to this newspaper. It will turn your inbox into cyberspace wormhole.


CrowdFunding 360

News, Commentary, Buzz, Speculation And Trends About CrowdFunding.

World Disruption And Commentary

on articles focused (knowingly or not) on potentially disruptive events and disclosures, with a view toward their possible consequences…[suspense effect intended]


At Its Best! For most of us, a challenge just doesn’t feel stressful if it is packaged in the form of a game. Here are some of the week’s best – selected and put together neatly
just for you.

Braintenance Express

newspaper filled with interesting brain-training and
cognition-enhancing news, advice and exercises to keep your mind at its
very best and most powerful. Related to The Braintenance Blog.

Business Plans/Project Management

and Management are the true synergistic elements to achievement of
every objective. Either one is useless without its counterpart. Plan, Manage And Succeed.


This newspaper is a supplement to The Global Futurist Blog.


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