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Additionally, Mr. Castle co-edits another daily newspaper/ news bulletin-formatted news and commentary summary titled COMPANY CRISIS TURNAROUND with Attorney Lidia Szczepanowski, which is an excellent resource, as well. You can get a free subscription either by clicking on the image below, or you may simply navigate the over-sized widget below. However you choose, this page should certainly be bookmarked or made one of your favorites.

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Commentary On Selected News Items About Topics Of Concern To Clients

These news article feeds are provided by Scoop.It! regarding topics of interest to my clients, colleagues, readers and followers. If I find them interesting, I’ll comment on them in my capacity as Curator. In fact, if your like, you can comment on my comments to enrich and deepen the dialog. Since Scoop.It! literally provides me with hundreds of articles, I have to be most selective about the ones I choose to curate and post to the blog site.

Simply click on the image below (left) in order to see the flood of articles sent to my attention. The ones which I select to comment on (curate) will show up as mini blog posts on the home page.

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This site is the Management Consultants' and Chief Reconstruction Officers' best all-industry guide to analyzing, diagnosing, devising a strategy, creating either an Action Plan or an Emergence Plan and overseeing and monitoring the successful implementation of either in order to ensure the client organization's optimal, sustainable profitability. These plans are always made scalable to accommodate the size and needs of the client, whether it is fast-growing young company with an aggressive and ambitious agenda, or whether it is an older, larger, well-established business which is experiencing problems or which is at a crucial decision making point in its evolution as an entity, and which requires sound advice (and often implementation oversight and assertive "hands-on" assistance in the form of a powerful third-party representative agent or a an expert in the art of negotiation as its appointed "point person") regarding its next steps. In the alternative, Douglas E. Castle is expert at helping fast-track, rapidly emerging companies to growth through acquisitions, mergers, licensing, branding and both domestic and international strategic joint ventures to access better, more efficient supply chain sourcing and to open up wider global markets to dramatically increase the scope of possible new revenue opportunities.

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