OptumRx And United Health Group Think We’re Stupid.




OptumRx and its parent company think that they can merely pacify a few of the noisemakers and ignore the rest of the unspeakably abused herd. I don’t like when someone calls me stupid — Or worse, when they presume that I am… How about you? I’ve been assaulting them in the Court of Public Opinion, which means a great deal to me – It is marketplace justice — it is not bribed, bought or sold — and the sentence is carried out by the customers.

OptumRx has the worst customer service record of any of the firms within its industry in the entire United States! And since they do not care, we have to make them care.

OptumRx Victim Parody - Douglas E. Castle  - OptumRx Must Die

Here’s The Latest!

OptumRx Responds To Douglas E. Castle Via Twitter

@OptumRx Response To @DouglasECastle1 Dated December 21, 2013

My Response To OptumRx Is Dated January 29, 2014



NOTE 1: These people at OptumRx have all of the morality of monopolist-in-process Comcast (XFINITY) Cable, but in this mail in pharmaceutical racket, they are tampering directly with patient lives — literally. If you haven’t already done so, please take the Quick Survey by going to the hyperlink in the next paragraph.

NOTE 2: Been mistreated by OptumRx? Please help us by filling out a fast survey at the end of this article. http://douglasecastleblog.com/2014/01/05/optumrx-must-die-mailorder-pharmacy-monstrosity/ We need you! Thnx. #RF.  If we receive enough compelling, emotion-packed responses to our Quick Survey, I will send a petition to the leaders of all of the Regulatory, Legal And Consumer Affairs bodies having influence in such matters, and we’ll either 1) Put OptumRx up to the light of intense scrutiny and possible punishment (including the loss of the ability to conduct their feeble excuse for a “business,”, or 2) We’ll get them to mend their incompetent, fraudulent and depraved ways, and win their long-suffering customers better care and cash compensation for the hardship which they (WE!) have had to endure.

Below is the Twitter exchange between the ignominious OptumRx (and their publicly-traded parent company, United Healthcare/ United Health Group). They certainly enjoy control, and love the idea of calling a country-wide problem an “isolated Consumer Matter.

OptumRx Twitter Correspondence

It was my intention to get the full name, full title and a direct telephone line of an executive at either OptumRx or United Health Care (see above).

Instead, what I received from the cowardly, guilty pukes at United this afternoon within only minutes of my sending my Twitter terms was  simply a telephone voice mail from “Christine” (no last name, no title), from United Health Group’s Consumer Affairs Division indicating that she wanted to ‘help me resolve this issue‘, and that I could telephone her at 800-842-2656, press prompt 1, and then speak with her at her direct extension, which is 3042511. I’ll give her the opportunity to speak with me, but I smell a delaying tactic combined with a smokescreen. My suspicion is that I will have to speak with one of her titled superiors (with a last name, too), in order to settle this matter.

They are trying to insulate themselves from dealing with me directly.

I’ll not only keep you posted, but I’ll see to it that OptumRx, and its incredibly greedy, publicly-traded parent get their problems fixed an that things are made right — for all of us. And if you haven’t done it, take the Quick Survey (see the earlier part of this letter for the link) — if we get enough blood, bile and verifiable complaints — we will circulate a petition to all of the persons of influence at all of the agencies whose attention this may require.

Douglas E. Castle

http://DouglasECastleBlog.com and http://DouglasCastle.com

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