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OptumRx Must Die. They Are One Of The Most Notorious Enterprises In The United States

Mail order pharmacies are supposed to be a more efficient way of getting medications to patients more easily, and at lower cost. They also allow the mail order firms (such as the notorious, odious, inept and malevolent OptumRx — formerly a loser called “Prescription Solutions” — later acquired by the much-maligned malignancy of a publicly-traded Healthcare Colossus known as United Healthcare) to use their best efforts to maximize their profits by sourcing all of the medicines through pharmacies located thoughout the United States which offer the lowest prices, and often the worst quality and service.


It is safe to say that OptumRx has the worst consumer satisfaction and service record of any mail order pharmacy (or for that matter, of virtually any service business) in the history of the United States. Listing things simply, the imbeciles at OptumRx, including the first line of “representatives,” two levels of supervisors and the invisible or permanently vacationing executives:

  • Cannot ever seem to get medications delivered on time, regardless of the threat to the patient’s life;
  • Are too stupid to understand basic requests and give straight answers to direct questions;
  • Lie;
  • Threaten to hang up on customers who are irate because one of the unevolved cretins refuses (citing a non-existent law, or some cock-and-bull ‘company policy’ of convenience) to mail a refill of a controlled substance until the patient had run out of the medication totally, and then was told he’d have to wait for seven to ten days before he’d get his renewal in the mail!;
  • Tortured and tormented senior citizens who are helpless to deal for hours on the telephone between the flying monkeys operating OptumRX, their prescribing physicians, and the postal service;
  • Had people wind up hospitalized, at risk of permanent injury or death — these victimized people are primarily elderly or chronically ill and in need of constant, continuous medication, which OptumRx simply cannot or will not provide;
  • Send out the wrong medications, risking patient fatalities;
  • Fail to timely call patients when there are “difficulties” in filling their orders correctly, timely or in the necessary amounts;
  • Are never held accountable for the havoc that they wreak on the lives of the patients who must endure an endless series of phone waiting times, conversations with non-sentient creatures and their knuckle-dragging “supervisors.”;
  • Experience terribly inconvenient computer problems, outages, or upgrades when the volume of request traffic is at its peak — for example, at the beginning of the year… ;
  • Never show up as the demonic miasma that they are in the mainstream media, which is rumored to occasionally ‘bend a bit’ to accommodate Big Pharma, Big Oil, Governmental Institutions and Agencies, and [shockingly!] advertisers.

Why is nothing being done? Isn’t there an injustice that should be addressed by numerous consumer advocacy organizations, both private and government-funded (in all fairness, some are taking some action, albeit feeble), Insurance regulatory agencies (perhaps the Commissioner of Insurance), Health organizations, Eldercare advocacy groups….

Just Google search OptumRx and you’ll find a plethora of complaints, horror stories, and legal actions – one group, ConsumerWatchdog.org is sponsoring a class-action suit against OptumRx and perhaps its parent. Better still, Google (without the quotes) such goodies as “OptumRx + complaints,” “OptumRx + evaluations,” “OptumRx + customer service,” OptumRx + lawsuits,” “OptumRx + reviews,” or  “OptumRx +fraud.”  You’ll get names, telephone numbers and endless tales of woe. Following are some hints of the sentiment regarding this “wonderful, cost-saving, service-providing, polished turd bastard offspring of  United Healthcare:



“This pharmacy is horrible and lies to customers. I ordered medication for my mother on 12/20/2013 and was promised it would be delivered by Jan 2nd, 1014. I had called them after noticing their website said the order was unprocessed. Instead it is now Jan 3rd and the website still shows the order as unprocessed. I called again and after being put on hold for 5 minutes, the rep claimed that the Dr.’s prescription fax had only arrived today. This was an emergency order and I had ordered a week’s worth of “intermediate” medication for her based on the arrival date promised by Optum Rx. Do I have any authority to sue them if their inability to get medication out on time affects her health adversely?” – Carol of Seattle, WA on Jan. 3, 2014

And how about this review from an insider at OptumRx?

“Was a customer service advocate for OptumRx. The main concern in the company was numbers, not service. Doing additional work to make sure a member got his/her medicine in a timely manner was last on the list. You are not allowed to do additional follow up, which made members have to call back multiple times, which was unnecessary. I can totally relate to the irate callers and their situations.

I was terminated because of an irate caller with a situation beyond my control. Placed the member on hold after going back and forth with her about her order. Because she hung up and had to call back, complained and said I was rude. I was terminated, mind you I never had any problems with the service I provided, no attendance issues, always helping. None of that mattered. Two thumbs down for OptumRx.” – Jane of Artesia, CA on Jan. 3, 2014

Indeed, these people are receiving horrific reviews everywhere you turn. Do you enjoy charts, graphs, pictures and visual aids when it comes to ratings and performance? Sure you do! Here y’all go:

Consumer Affairs Ratings For  OptumRx

Please refer to LINKS4LIFEALERTS for more healthcare-related information.

I personally believe that we, as customers of this institution of depraved indifference to human suffering, should issue a petition citing our grievances, and upon its completion (we’d need at least 1,000 names of actual victimized patients who are registered voters) which should go to all of the following persons at the following organizations:
President Barack Obama, The White House;
The President And Members Of The Board Of Directors Of OptumRx;
The President And Members Of The Board Of Directors Of United Healthcare;
The Respective Commissioners Of Insurance Of Every State;
The Chief Information Officer Of The Federal Trade Commission
The Attorney General Of The United States Department Of Justice
The Secretary Of The United States Department Of Commerce
The Chief Information Officer Of The Department Of Health And Human Services
The Director Of The Federal Bureau Of Investigation
The Chairperson Of AARP, and perhaps some other persons in positions of influence as well as widespread publication (via release) of the petition to the printed and televised media.

I would not propose this approach if I thought that there were any other means of obtaining relief from this uncontrolled and unconscionable abuse. It will not be resolved by hordes of abused and injured individuals putting their individual stories up on the Internet.


Please take a few moments to answer this Quick Survey. We will be posting the results to this website and to the social media at regular intervals. It is our objective to get no less than a total of 1,000 responses ASAP. After that, if my Public wants that Petition, it will be drafted and sent all over the country.


Douglas E. Castle


Here is some additional commentary regarding OptumRx and its deplorable service, courtesy of Contextly:


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OptumRx Must Die! Mailorder Pharmacy Monstrosity - Quick Survey by
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4 thoughts on “OptumRx Must Die! Mailorder Pharmacy Monstrosity – Quick Survey

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  2. I totally agree. I’m one of those people who have to deal with their incompetence. My daughter’s life is at stake. I am sharing this with everyone!!

  3. I totally agree. Optumrx is a horrible horrible company. This company treated me like dirt. I worked my whole life to retire and have this company refuse to fill my prescripions , after they kept them a month I said return them to me my doctor had rewrote them knowing the companys reputation was bad.I was expecting to get the prescripions back in the mail. ( as Optumrx agreed to do ) I got the prescripions filled in the mail a few days later. What is wrong with this company. I will tell you. The call center is run by Connextions Inc. I worked there this company is run so badly I could not stand it. I stayed two years because my husband had cancer and was affraid to be without insurance coverage.

  4. January 2, 2017 OptumRx Customer
    I always request any refills that I need. This is my way of controlling my costs during critical times of the month. However, I had 2 rxs sent to me that I was told was ordered by my doctor. I also got a surprise!! I was supposed to pay almost $100 for these meds that I was not expecting. I called customer service and I told him I did not order these two prescriptions and I was not going to pay it. He just said that their policy is if a doctor’s office calls in medications to be filled, they just assume I needed them. Then they fill it and bill me.
    THE MOST IRRITATING THING ABOUT THIS INCIDENT IS i NEVER KNEW THESE MEDS WERE COMING MUCH LESS THE BILL!!! When I called to complain about their company policy. However.customer service blew me off and essentially said,”Well, that’s the way we do it.” I told him the company needs to change their policy. Fortunately, customer service agreed not to let this happen again in that they will not fill a prescription without my approval. I will wait and see if they actually will do what they say.

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