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I’m guilty! I am so backlogged with tasks that my Native American name (no offense to any member of any Native American tribe actually out there in Indian Country) should be “Running Behind.” Mismanaging my time and tasks is obviously a problem from which I suffer. Just imagine if a company were comprised of individuals, just like myself who were managing their time and tasks like a bunch of weasels on treadmills? Or like a one-armed paperhanger? Or like a glassblower with the hiccups? [Had enough? Well, I’ll stop now. But remember: My blog, My rules.]

Here are my mistakes in terms of time and tasks allotted:

1) I have failed to delegate those tasks that I could have given to others. I’ve clearly taken on too much for myself;

2) I am multitasking instead of rotational tasking – in the case of the former, I use a peripheral focus on a number of things and perform very poorly – in the case of the latter, I focus on one task for a limited time (using a timer on my computer desktop), then proceed to the next task….it’s an installment approach to keeping from burnout while accomplishing everything on my to-do list;

3) I have unrealistic expectations of myself;

4) I am obsessed with control and not even interacting with other persons around me — how could I ever be an effective manager;

5) I am so enmeshed in my own personal tornado that I can’t possibly be paying any attention to the larger picture of my position in the company or project and the changes in the environment around me (a fire, a meteor shower, an invasion by an “Occupy” group.

The Solution? I’ll Sum It Up:

  • Delegate;
  • Rotate tasks – don’t multitask;
  • Switch tasks at regular intervals;
  • Take frequent brief breaks — walk around and see what is happening;
  • Stop beating yourself up if you don’t finish everything on time, or if you fail to complete all of your tasks — in industrial and behavioral psychology, we know that your general mood, your work environment, and your feelings about your own perceived “shortcomings” are more damaging to you and to the company.

If you’re not managing yourself, emotionally, physiologically and in terms of time and tasks, you will damage a precious Human Asset and Reduce the Collective Creativity and synergy that make a company’s output far greater than the sum of the respective outputs of the individuals who comprise its employees and contractors.

Jugglers Make My Best Managers - Just Kidding....

Douglas E. Castle

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