Main Syracuse ambulance company files for bankruptcy; change won’t likely … – SU The Daily Orange (subscription)



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Main Syracuse ambulance company files for bankruptcy; change won’t likely …

Douglas E. Castle‘s insight:

After reading the article, it struck me as fascinating how the Economic Times was callng this Chapter 13 abankruptcy (as if it were a death knell for the ambulance company), and that the ambulance company spokesman, out of political training, or out of ignorance, called the proceeding "a routine reorganization….the company’s service will not be affected." The reason for the publication taking a more fatalistic view is that most companies of small to medium size ultimately wind up transitioning [atrophying] into Chapter 7 (a liquidation of asets, usually by auction), with a complete cessation of activities, The "reorganization" is basically a court intervention which just forestall (in most cases) a liquidation.


This fatalistic perception has permeated all of society because of the sad fact that those companies which are not "too big to fail" do not do anything constructive during the Chapter 13 reorganization period in terms of formulating and implementing an Emergence Plan to leave Chapter 13 and emerge as a streamlined, smarter, better-run enterprise. It takes an expert with a great deal of knowlege to get into the company, correct its trajectory objectively and candidly, in order to navigate through the "reorganization" into a newer, better way of doing business.


Lamentably, most businesses tend to just use Chapter 13 as an excuse to continue making the mistakes that brought them to the courthouse in the first place. That’s very foolish. They need to be turned around by a visionary from the outside with an objective view and a firm hand regarding suggestions and implementation.


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Main Syracuse ambulance company files for bankruptcy; change won't likely ... - SU The Daily Orange (subscription) by
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